Hydrogen fuel cell car.

微信图片_20180331110830.pngHydrogen fuel cell car working principle is: to hydrogen fuel cell anode (cathode), through the role of catalyst (platinum), electron in a hydrogen atom is separated out, lose electron hydrogen ions (protons) through the proton exchange membrane, to fuel cell cathode plate (anode), and electron is not through the proton exchange membrane, the electron, only through an external circuit, to fuel cell cathode plate, so as to generate an electric current in the external circuit.When the electrons reach the cathode, they recombine with oxygen and hydrogen ions into water.Due to supply oxygen to the cathode plate, can be obtained from the air, so as long as constantly to supply hydrogen anode plate, to supply air cathode plate, and promptly take water (steam), can continually provide electricity.The power of the fuel cell is provided by the inverter, the controller and other devices. The motor can be driven by the transmission system, the drive axle and so on, so that the vehicle can drive on the road.Compared with traditional cars, the energy conversion efficiency of fuel cell vehicles is as high as 60~80%, which is 2 ~ 3 times of the internal combustion engine.The fuel cells are hydrogen and oxygen, and the products are clean water, which itself does not produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and no sulfur or particles are expelled.Therefore, hydrogen fuel cell car is a truly zero-emission, zero-pollution vehicle, and hydrogen fuel is the perfect vehicle energy!Shanghai hongjun professional fuel cell graphite double plate manufacturer, industrialization pioneer.

2014 Shanghai became involved in fuel cell field, hung-chun successful research and development of ultra-thin graphite double plate, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the fuel cell stack, excellent performance, stable running, cost, high efficiency, long life, corrosion resistance, etc.Over the years, Shanghai hongjun has produced tens of thousands of graphite plates and successfully applied in China's self-developed new generation of fuel cell vehicles.

Shanghai hung-chun always to continuous innovation, and improve efficiency, reduce cost for the direction, now has a work to be responsible for the independent research and development team, innovative materials technology, acid resistance, increased efforts to realize the industrialization of fuel cell power savings;At present, it has become the largest manufacturer of fuel cell plate in China. The products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Italy, Korea and other overseas regions.

Shanghai hongjun provides the corresponding graphite double plate for the use of different fuels


3D phone hot bending glass mould.

Hot bending material selection.

3 d surface hot bending glass graphite mold demanding for the materials, selection of high quality special graphite materials, can improve the die life, reduce the manufacturing cost, reduce the deformation, cracks, burrs and other bad quality glass

It also provides the quality and efficiency of the subsequent polishing of glass.

Brand: TOKAI

Particle size: traditional graphite 20-50 mm, curved glass mold <4 mu m, particle uniform, compact structure.

Hardness: 60-100 shallow-type hardness, balance between machining and mold performance.

Purity: choose materials with a purity of 50 to 200ppm to reduce the influence of impurities on glass.

Strength: choose isostatic pressing graphite, improve graphite mold resistance thermal shock ability, and improve service life.

Expansion system: keep the parameters close to the hot bending glass, avoid the material affecting the glass forming.

It is recommended to use graphite material: the east China sea carbon hk-75, more materials can consult customer service.

Hot bending glass mould design.

The design of curved hot-bending die directly affects the yield of hot-bending glass.手机热湾2.jpg手机热湾.jpg

We adopt the patented technology to design various import, domestic mobile phone cover plate protective film graphite hot bending mold.

Cost: fully consider the customer's finished product factor, "customized"

Life: mould service life calcium glass: up to 6000-8000 times/set of high aluminum glass: up to 2000-3000 times/set.

(the die life is related to the equipment use environment and the mold environment, depending on the maintenance and usage)

Precision: considering the machining precision and tolerance of the mold.

Efficiency: customers only need to provide data and requirements, and can design all kinds of hot-bending graphite mould.

Flexible: can choose the design plan, can adjust the mold design plan according to the customer hot bending process.

High precision CNC machining.

We adopt high precision graphite special processing machine tool, auxiliary special graphite vacuum chuck and special graphite processing tool to ensure the processing precision of customer hot bending graphite mould.

Special purpose: all machining process and accessory processing hardware adopt special form.

High precision: maximum surface machining accuracy can reach 0.015mm and plane machining accuracy 0.005mm.

Efficiency: improving machining process, in order to improve the efficiency of mould processing, at present we adopt semi-automatic production craft, ready to put in the late of fully automated robot to improve production efficiency.

Capacity customization: at present, we can meet the output of 10 machining centers. The monthly products can reach up to 1500-2000 sets of graphite hot bending molds, and customers can customize the processing machine platform.

Processing scheme customization: we can offer a variety of processing schemes for customers to choose. Customers can customize the special processing plan according to their own process, and the long-term supply can be adjusted.

Mold quality inspection

Detection accuracy: our testing equipment should be calibrated regularly to ensure long-term accuracy.

Timeliness: every graphite mould must be tested on site.

Authenticity: three inspection reports for each batch of products.

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